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This page specifies the Auto API protocol for Vehicle Status. Head over to the REST API, iOS SDK, Android SDK or Node.js SDK code reference pages for platform specifics.

Failed message ID

id: 0x01
name: failed_message_id
name_cased: failedMessageID
name_pretty: Failed message ID
type: uinteger
size: 2
description: Capability identifier of the failed message


data_component: "0021"
value: 33
description: Failed message is the 'Trunk' capability

Failed message type

id: 0x02
name: failed_message_type
name_cased: failedMessageType
name_pretty: Failed message type
type: uinteger
size: 1
description: Message type of the failed message


data_component: "01"
value: 1
description: Failed message type is 'set'

Failed property IDs

id: 0x05
name: failed_property_ids
name_cased: failedPropertyIDs
name_pretty: Failed property IDs
type: bytes
description: Array of failed property identifiers


data_component: "0102"
  - 1
  - 2
description: Trunk's lock and position properties failed

Failure description

id: 0x04
name: failure_description
name_cased: failureDescription
name_pretty: Failure description
type: string
description: Failure description


data_component: 54727920616761696e
value: Try again
description: Failure description informs to 'Try again'

Failure reason

id: 0x03
name: failure_reason
name_cased: failureReason
name_pretty: Failure reason
type: enum
size: 1
  - id: 0x00
    name: unsupported_capability
    name_pretty: Unsupported Capability
    description: Vehicle has not the capability to perform the command
  - id: 0x01
    name: unauthorised
    name_pretty: Unauthorised
    description: User has not been authenticated or lacks permissions
  - id: 0x02
    name: incorrect_state
    name_pretty: Incorrect State
    description: Command can not be executed in the current vehicle state
  - id: 0x03
    name: execution_timeout
    name_pretty: Execution Timeout
    description: Command failed to execute in time for an unknown reason
  - id: 0x04
    name: vehicle_asleep
    name_pretty: Vehicle Asleep
    description: Vehicle has to be waken up before the command can be used. If this
      is for a virtual vehicle, the emulator has to be loaded
  - id: 0x05
    name: invalid_command
    name_pretty: Invalid Command
    description: Command not recognised
  - id: 0x06
    name: pending
    name_pretty: Pending
    description: Capability is being refreshed
  - id: 0x07
    name: rate_limit
    name_pretty: Rate Limit
    description: Capability rate limit has been exceeded
  - id: 0x08
    name: oem_error
    name_pretty: OEM error
    description: API call to an OEM returned an error
  - id: 0x09
    name: privacy_mode_active
    name_pretty: Privacy mode active
    description: Privacy mode is turned on, meaning vehicle location and other
      "private" data is not transmitted by the vehicle.


data_component: "01"
value: unauthorised
description: Failure occured because of unauthorised state