Parking Ticket

Auto API
Level 13
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This page specifies the Auto API protocol for Vehicle Status. Head over to the REST API, iOS SDK, Android SDK or Node.js SDK code reference pages for platform specifics.

Operator name

id: 0x02
name: operator_name
name_cased: operatorName
name_pretty: Operator name
type: string
description: Operator name


data_component: 4265726c696e205061726b696e67
value: Berlin Parking
description: Operator name is 'Berlin Parking'

Operator ticket ID

id: 0x03
name: operator_ticket_id
name_cased: operatorTicketID
name_pretty: Operator ticket ID
type: string
description: Operator ticket ID


data_component: "36343839414234323333"
value: 6489AB4233
description: Operator ticket ID is '6489AB4233'


id: 0x01
name: status
name_cased: status
name_pretty: Status
type: enum
size: 1
  - id: 0x00
    name: ended
    verb: end
  - id: 0x01
    name: started
    verb: start


data_component: "00"
value: ended
description: Parking ticket has ended

Ticket end time

id: 0x05
name: ticket_end_time
name_cased: ticketEndTime
name_pretty: Ticket end time
type: timestamp
size: 8
description: Parking ticket end time


data_component: 0000016dab1a8528
value: 2019-10-08T11:21:45.000Z
description: Parking ticket ended at 8. October 2019 at 11:21:45 GMT

Ticket start time

id: 0x04
name: ticket_start_time
name_cased: ticketStartTime
name_pretty: Ticket start time
type: timestamp
size: 8
description: Parking ticket start time


data_component: 0000015989dfca30
value: 2017-01-10T19:34:22.000Z
description: Parking ticket started at 10 January 2017 at 19:34:22 GMT