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This page specifies the Auto API protocol for Vehicle Status. Head over to the REST API, iOS SDK, Android SDK or Node.js SDK code reference pages for platform specifics.

Arrival duration

id: 0x05
name: arrival_duration
name_cased: arrivalDuration
name_pretty: Arrival duration
type: unit.duration
size: 10
description: Remaining time until reaching the destination.


data_component: 07024004cccccccccccd
  hours: 2.6
description: Remaining time to destination is 2.6h


id: 0x01
name: coordinates
name_cased: coordinates
name_pretty: Coordinates
type: types.coordinates


data_component: 404a428f9f44d445402acf562174c4ce
  latitude: 52.520008
  longitude: 13.404954
description: Coordinates are 52.520008:13.404954

Data slots free

id: 0x03
name: data_slots_free
name_cased: dataSlotsFree
name_pretty: Data slots free
type: uinteger
size: 1
description: Remaining number of POI data slots available.


data_component: 0e
value: 14
description: 14 available POI data slots

Data slots max

id: 0x04
name: data_slots_max
name_cased: dataSlotsMax
name_pretty: Data slots max
type: uinteger
size: 1
description: Maximum number of POI data slots.


data_component: 1e
value: 30
description: Maximum number of POI data slots is 30

Destination name

id: 0x02
name: destination_name
name_cased: destinationName
name_pretty: Destination name
type: string
description: Destination name


data_component: 4265726c696e
value: Berlin
description: Destination name is 'Berlin'

Distance to destination

id: 0x06
name: distance_to_destination
name_cased: distanceToDestination
name_pretty: Distance to destination
type: unit.length
size: 10
description: Remaining distance to reach the destination.


data_component: "12044094e40000000000"
  kilometers: 1337
description: Remaining distance to destination is 1337.0km