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This page specifies the Auto API protocol for Vehicle Status. Head over to the REST API, iOS SDK, Android SDK or Node.js SDK code reference pages for platform specifics.

Windscreen damage

id: 0x03
name: windscreen_damage
name_cased: windscreenDamage
name_pretty: Windscreen damage
type: enum
size: 1
  - id: 0x00
    name: no_impact_detected
  - id: 0x01
    name: impact_but_no_damage_detected
  - id: 0x02
    name: damage_smaller_than_1_inch
  - id: 0x03
    name: damage_larger_than_1_inch


data_component: "01"
value: impact_but_no_damage_detected
description: Windscreen detected an impact, but no damage

Windscreen damage confidence

id: 0x07
name: windscreen_damage_confidence
name_cased: windscreenDamageConfidence
name_pretty: Windscreen damage confidence
type: types.percentage
description: Confidence of damage detection, 0% if no impact detected


data_component: 3fee666666666666
value: 0.95
description: Damage detected with 95% confidence

Windscreen damage detection time

id: 0x08
name: windscreen_damage_detection_time
name_cased: windscreenDamageDetectionTime
name_pretty: Windscreen damage detection time
type: timestamp
size: 8
description: Windscreen damage detection date


data_component: "000001598938e788"
value: 2017-01-10T16:32:05.000Z
description: Windscreen damage detected at 10 January 2017 at 16:32:05 UTC

Windscreen damage zone

id: 0x05
name: windscreen_damage_zone
name_cased: windscreenDamageZone
name_pretty: Windscreen damage zone
description: Representing the position in the zone, seen from the inside of the
  vehicle (1-based index)


data_component: "0102"
  horizontal: 1
  vertical: 2
description: Damage is detected in the 1st column from left and the 2nd row from the top

Windscreen needs replacement

id: 0x06
name: windscreen_needs_replacement
name_cased: windscreenNeedsReplacement
name_pretty: Windscreen needs replacement
type: enum
size: 1
  - id: 0x00
    name: unknown
  - id: 0x01
    name: no_replacement_needed
  - id: 0x02
    name: replacement_needed


data_component: "01"
value: no_replacement_needed
description: Windscreen does not need replacement

Windscreen zone matrix

id: 0x04
name: windscreen_zone_matrix
name_cased: windscreenZoneMatrix
name_pretty: Windscreen zone matrix
description: Representing the size of the matrix, seen from the inside of the vehicle


data_component: "0403"
  horizontal: 4
  vertical: 3
description: Windscreen is divided into a matrix 4 columns horizontally by 3 rows vertically

Wipers intensity

id: 0x02
name: wipers_intensity
name_cased: wipersIntensity
name_pretty: Wipers intensity
type: enum
size: 1
  - id: 0x00
    name: level_0
    name_pretty: Level 0, inactive
  - id: 0x01
    name: level_1
  - id: 0x02
    name: level_2
  - id: 0x03
    name: level_3


data_component: "03"
value: level_3
description: Wipers are on highest intensity, indicating heavy rain

Wipers status

id: 0x01
name: wipers_status
name_cased: wipersStatus
name_pretty: Wipers status
type: enum
size: 1
  - id: 0x00
    name: inactive
    verb: deactivate
  - id: 0x01
    name: active
    verb: activate
  - id: 0x02
    name: automatic


data_component: "02"
value: automatic
description: Windscreen wipers are set to automatic mode