This page provides information specific to Mercedes-Benz connected vehicles owned by individuals, including data plans, supported regions, and eligible Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Note that this page describes data access from individual vehicle owners. If you are a fleet operator or a fleet management provider, please see the separate Learn: Mercedes-Benz Fleets page.

Available data points

You can find a breakdown of all available data points in the Auto API availability for Mercedes-Benz table.

Supported Markets

Mercedes-Benz customers in the following countries can grant third-party access to vehicle data: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Data Plans

In order for a Mercedes-Benz customer to supply data through HIGH MOBILITY's Auto APIs, he or she must have an eligible vehicle with a Mercedes Me Connect subscription, the "Interface to Third Parties" service activated, and consent to providing data access to a third party.

API Data Buckets

Mercedes-Benz offers data buckets pre-tailored for specific use cases. Note that to limit data retention, data is stored for 12 hours from the time of vehicle upload. Make sure to retrieve data during this period to not miss out on any updates.

For example pricing visit our pricing page.


Allowed purposeAuto APIsRequest Limit
Insurance related purposes such as distance based insurance services.Diagnostics: mileage, timestamp2 requests / car / day

Fuel status

Allowed purposeAuto APIsRequest Limit
Marketing purposes respectively product offerings in relation to remaining driving distance.Diagnostics: fuel level, estimated range, timestamp1 request / car / hour

Vehicle status

Allowed purposeAuto APIsRequest Limit

To offer warning services for damage prevention, e.g. rain damage by open doors or windows caused by having them involuntarily opened.

Windows: positions, timestamp
Doors: positions, timestamp
Trunk: positions, timestamp
Rooftop: positions, timestamp
Lights: interior lights, timestamp

50 requests / car / day

Lock status

Allowed purposeAuto APIsRequest Limit

Offer warning services for theft prevention or detection.

Doors: locks, timestamp
Trunk: lock, timestamp
Fueling: gas flap lock, timestamp
Vehicle Location: heading, timestamp

50 requests / car / day

Electric vehicle

Allowed purposeAuto APIsRequest Limit
Offer smart charging services.Charging: battery level, estimated range, timestamp2 requests / car / hour

Eligible Models

A‑Class Hatchback (W176)06/2016
A‑Class Hatchback (W177)01/2018
A‑Class Saloon (V177)07/2018
B‑Class Sports Tourer (W246)06/2016
B‑Class Electric Drive (W242 EV)06/2016
B‑Class Natural Gas Drive (W242 CNG)06/2016
C‑Class Cabriolet (A205)04/2016
C‑Class Coupé (C205)06/2016
Long-wheelbase C‑Class (V205)06/2016
C‑Class Saloon (W205)06/2016
C‑Class Estate (S205)06/2016
CLA Shooting Brake (X117)06/2016
CLA Coupé (C117)06/2018
CLS Coupé (C218)06/2016
CLS Shooting Brake (X218)06/2016
CLS Coupé (C257)12/2017
E‑Class Saloon (W213)12/2015
Long-wheelbase E‑Class (V213)09/2016
E‑Class Estate (S213)9/2016
E‑Class Coupé (C238)01/2017
E‑Class Cabriolet (A238)06/2017
EQA (H243)09/2020
EQC (N293)09/2019
EQV (4478)09/2020
EQS (V297)04/2021
G‑Class Station Wagon (W463)09/2016
GLA (X156)06/2016
GLC (X253)06/2016
GLC Coupé (C253)06/2016
GLC F-Cell (N253 CH2)05/2018
GLC (V253)06/2018
GLE (W166)06/2016
GLE Coupé (C292)06/2016
GLS (X166)06/2016
S‑Class (W222)06/2016
S‑Class Cabriolet (A217)06/2016
S‑Class Coupé (C217)06/2016
Long-wheelbase S‑Class (V222)06/2016
Mercedes-Maybach S‑Class (X222)06/2016
SL (R231)03/2016
SLC (R172)03/2016
Mercedes‑AMG GT (C190)06/2016
Mercedes‑AMG GT (R190)02/2017
Mercedes‑AMG GT (X290)07/2018
V and X
V‑Class (VS20)09/2016
X‑Class (VS40)11/2017
All later vehicles

More Information

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