Getting Verified for Production

Here is a guide to the steps necessary to take an app from development into production. This will allow you to switch from accessing data from the car emulators to accessing car data from live vehicles.

Development vs. Production

Because they connect to real cars, apps created in the Production tab only have access to live APIs.

Please note that though the APIs in the emulators respond instantly to changes in vehicle state, vehicle data is sometimes updated more sporadically. For instance, a vehicle might send data each time its doors are locked or unlocked – but not during a trip. In any case, HIGH MOBILITY’s APIs always provide the latest vehicle data available from the manufacturer. For more information, please see the relevant page for each car manufacturer:

Learn: Audi
Learn: BMW, MINI
Learn: Ford
Learn: Mercedes-Benz
Learn: Mercedes-Benz Fleets
Learn: Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel, Vauxhall, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Jeep
Learn: Porsche

Submitting an App for Production

Once an application has been tested in the development section with the car emulators, you are ready to move into production.

The first steps to create an application are the same in Production as they are in Development: create an app and then select the desired permissions.

After selecting the desired permissions, you will be shown the pricing for each individual car manufacturer, along with any rate limitations.

It is necessary to provide basic information about your application, including a description, end-user terms and conditions, the privacy policy, and a link to the product. Before submitting the app, it is also necessary to enter payment information, and to accept the car data terms of use.

Once an app has been submitted for production, we will review it, and confirm that it conforms to guidelines provided by the car manufacturers. This process usually takes one day.

Changing OAuth Credentials

As soon as a production app is created — even when it is a draft — new OAuth2 credentials are listed on the page. You should use these new credentials before submitting the app. Once the app has been approved, the credentials will be released for the production environment and will be ready to be used with vehicles.

Note: The car owner must grant access to your application before any data can be retrieved. This process is detailed in our blog post, User Consent and the Authorisation Process. Fleet vehicles are activated according to the Fleet Clearance procedure.


The price of data access varies according to both permissions selected and car manufacturer. A provisional total is presented while selecting permissions for the app, and a final checkout summary is presented at the end of the billing month according to the number of API calls.

More Information

If you have any questions, please head to our Support page.