Ford Fleets Guide

This page provides information specific to Ford fleet vehicles, including data points, supported regions, and eligible models.

Note that this page describes data access for fleet owners who want to access data for their Ford vehicles. If you have a product or service that wants to access data from your customers, who are individual car owners, please see the separate Learn: Ford page.

Available data points

You can find a breakdown of all available data points in the Auto API availability for Ford Fleets table.

Eligible Models

The following European-market Ford models are eligible.

Model nameOptional equipment untilStandard equipment since
Fiesta (Active, Active Colorline, Active Plus and Vignale series)September 2019October 2019
Fiesta (all other series)September 2019October 2019
Fiesta Panel VanSeptember 2019October 2019
EcosportSeptember 2019October 2019
Focus (ST Line, Active, Titanium and Vignale series)August 2019September 2019
Focus (all other series)August 2019September 2019
S-MAXN/AAugust 2019
GalaxyN/AAugust 2019
MondeoN/AAugust 2019
EdgeN/AJanuary 2019
KugaN/ADecember 2019
MustangN/AJune 2019
RangerOctober 2019November 2019
PumaN/AOctober 2019
Mach-EN/ASeptember 2020
Transit/Tourneo CourierN/AJuly 2019
Transit/Tourneo CustomApril 2019February 2020
Transit 2tApril 2019February 2020
Transit/Tourneo ConnectJanuary 2019May 2020

Supported Markets

Ford fleet owners in the following countries can retrieve vehicle data from their fleets: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden.

The vehicle must have data transmission enabled under "Connectivity settings".

Ford Connectivity Settings

Data Points & Refresh Rate

You can find a breakdown of all available data points in the following table: Auto API availability for Ford Fleets. Each request returns data points and corresponding timestamps; the timestamps indicate the moment the data was transferred from the vehicle.

Apart from the base package, a Driver Behaviour add-on can be chosen to be activated. The dataset for each package is shown in the linked table above.

Data package update frequency

PackageUpdate frequency
BaseEvery 30 seconds
Driver Behaviour add-onEvery 30 seconds

Clearance Prerequisite

Before you can start acivating your vehicles through the Fleet Clearance API, your vehicles need to be added to your Ford PRO fleet portal account. In case you don't have a Ford Fleet account, please get in touch with us in order to get it set up.

Once your vehicles have been added to the Ford Fleet portal, it's possible for you to consent to sharing data with High Mobility. Only vehicles that have been consented in the portal will have successful activations in our platform.

More Information

Should you have any questions, please contact us on our Slack channel.