This page covers provides information specific to Audi car data, consisting of supported regions, eligible models, supported use-cases and pricing.

Available data points

You can find a breakdown of all available data points in the Auto API availability for Audi table.

Supported Markets

Currently data access is only possible for vehicles registered in Germany. Further markets within the European Economic Area can be expected shortly.

API Data Buckets

Audi offers data buckets pre-tailored for specific use cases. The rate limits have been configured to serve the specific purpose descriptions and any requests outside of the rate limits will return empty data.

For example pricing visit our pricing page.


Allowed purposeAuto API propertiesRequest Limit
Insurance related purposes such as distance based insurance services.Diagnostics: odometer, timestamp1 requests / car / 3 days

First Notice of Loss

Allowed purposeAuto API propertiesRequest Limit
Services that in the event of an accident supports the customer in reporting and processing the accident.Crash: severity, impact zone, timestamp1 request / car / hour

General Vehicle Status

Allowed purposeAuto API propertiesRequest Limit

To offer warning services when irregularities are detected with vehicle.

Windows: positions, open percentages, timestamp
Doors: positions, locks, inside locks, timestamp
Trunk: position, lock, lock safety, timestamp
Rooftop: position, convertible roof state, sunroof state, timestamp
Hood: position, lock, lock safety, timestamp

1 request / car / 3 days

Eligible Models

The following models have factory-fitted telematics hardware and are eligible for data access through our API.

Model nameEligible since
A4 Limousine2014
A8 Limousine2018
Q7 Quattro2015
Q7 Quattro TDI2014
Q8 Quattro2019
R8 Quattro2016

More Information

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